Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to the drawing board on revising

Over this past week, I was asked by a dear friend, how my writing was going. I answered her by mentioning that I had completed the editing process on my first children's picture book that will be self-published. Little did, I know the next words that came out of her mouth would send me right back to the editing process. I mean after-all, I was completely done with my book. I have to admit that I couldn't believe it was all that easy. (Really it was not, it was surprisingly more difficult and involved than I realized, yet I enjoyed the journey nonetheless.) All I was waiting on was to present a complete lay-out to my hubby, who so happened to be my illustrator for the book.

When I told her the name I was set-on, her immediate response was not what I expected. I loved the title I was very catchy, but it was also ill-placed. So after I slept on it, I came to realize, she was right. I couldn't believe I had actually missed an extremely important rule that comes when writing for children. I made the mistake of seeing my story in real world application, when I should have been thinking along the lines of what is suitable and not suitable for children, even by today's standards.

So, I eventually ended up needing to change the name, at least a certain portion of it. I believe the book and I will both benefit from the corrected change. Thank you, honest friends!