Thursday, June 12, 2014

Drip, Drip, Drip.....

How many raindrops does it take to make a puddle? 

I ask this of myself while writing one day. You hear all the time, write, write, write. 

My problem isn't writing, it's finishing what I've started. 

I am constantly adding new story ideas, plots, brainstorming, etc. But to what end?

Looking at my library at home, I gaze at countless books filled with hundreds, thousands of words like mine. The difference is, they're complete

What will it take from me to take all my words (raindrops) and turn them into a finished piece of work (novel)?

I suppose.....patience! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How does one stop themselves.

This a question that I have.

I have been an advid reader my whole life. I enjoy books from different genres. And therfore, it would hopefully explain to those who really know me, why I insist on reading several books at a time.

I, Never, and I mean Never mix up the plots, nor the characters.

I enjoy being able to move around into different worlds on a whim. It''s actually exciting!

True like my husband pointed out: it takes me longer to finish reading 1, when I'm reading 5 or more at a time. Currently - 8.

Somewhere along my writing journey, that habit has bleed into my writing as well. (Writing several stories at a time).

Now, I've read from many a well-published author how that is a No-No! How are you supposed to ever finish anything, if you have your hands in so many projects?

And so that is my delima. While I'm working on my first children's picture book, I'm also working on a middle-grade novel.

Dare I say, I need help. Counsel?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Webinar: Self Publishing a Children's Book

I think I found a new friend!

Okay, so maybe I need to hop on over to YouTube a little bit more.

I usually am not a YouTuber, but the other day it had occurred to me of all the priceless, and free information that is stored, and up-loaded there every second of the day. Since I'm currently working on my first children's picture book, I decided to see what kind of help I could possible find there. Boy did I hit the "mother load"!

I typed in: How to self publish children picture books, and one of the very first vids I saw was from an author of children picture books by the name of Jo Linsdell. Her vid was almost an hour long. Well with kids needing to be picked up from school, and house-hold chores that were being neglected, I had to save it in my "watch later" history. Since then I've been watching it, taking notes and finding new reassurances that I'm on the right path with my writing career.

She has also helped me to understand a few operations when it comes to using certain sites such as Amazon's Kindle (CreateSpace), Smashwords. etc.

Now I'm looking into print and eBook options for my books. Not to mention going either self published or sticking with the original traditional. Must admit, her success with self publishing is sounding taster by the minute. Although I do realize that one person's success is no guaranteed for another's. You only get out, what you put in.

So off I go, putting in the time and effort, now let's see what hatches!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 - What cha' got!?

2014. It's a new year for inspiration, new ideas, new writing tips, new industry changes, but mostly..... new goals and dreams to make happen. To cut to the point of it all, I've made a small list of things I'm wanting, needing and hoping to accomplish this year.
  • Self-publish my very first children's picture book.
  • Learn more about the changes the writing industry has coming.
  • Query like crazy to small and big Presses, agents and editors.
  • Cut my reading amount down in order to finish the books I'm currently reading.
  • Increase traffic to my social medias.
2014 has a lot to bring to it. I believe with less procrastination this year, I'll see over the rainbow!