Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How does one stop themselves.

This a question that I have.

I have been an advid reader my whole life. I enjoy books from different genres. And therfore, it would hopefully explain to those who really know me, why I insist on reading several books at a time.

I, Never, and I mean Never mix up the plots, nor the characters.

I enjoy being able to move around into different worlds on a whim. It''s actually exciting!

True like my husband pointed out: it takes me longer to finish reading 1, when I'm reading 5 or more at a time. Currently - 8.

Somewhere along my writing journey, that habit has bleed into my writing as well. (Writing several stories at a time).

Now, I've read from many a well-published author how that is a No-No! How are you supposed to ever finish anything, if you have your hands in so many projects?

And so that is my delima. While I'm working on my first children's picture book, I'm also working on a middle-grade novel.

Dare I say, I need help. Counsel?