Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smelling The Roses

Today, I did something very important concerning my writing career. I learned some new tricks. First, I met a very helpful woman on Twitter who gave me some very helpful advice about my writing. She noticed that I had several spelling and punctuational errors. I intend to heed her advice. I have been focusing more so on getting my words out, that I failed to follow one of the most basic of writing rules, when trying to build a writer's platform: checking my spelling. Secondly, I signed up for a free writing course with Lisa Tener (Author/Book Coach). Today, was my first day of the 7-Day course. The lesson for today was: Make Time For Your Writing. So before I am allowed to press forward, I had to actually schedule some time for writing, nothing else. Not checking e-mails, Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. Actual writing. And so I did. I plan on starting no later that 11am-1pm. Now with my kids out for the summer, that schedule will be altered at times. But I will do my utmost to stay on task! Just accomplishing that little bit, has given me hope that I can actually focus more and do what I plan - write and finish a book.

P.S. I just used my spellcheck for the first time. And found errors. :)

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