Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lakeside Retreat a True Treat!

Over this past weekend, my family and I were invited out with another family to their family's lakehouse. Although, I was extremely excited about going, this made our second family vacation-ever, I was also not sure how to handle seperation from my laptop. Ever since I received my laptop back in April, we have been inseperable. How was I to handle, not being able to practice-write or revise a story idea? But then it dawned on me, how many wonderful ideas would come to me going to the lakehouse? So , I decided to bring along a new journal and several pens. I took over 100 pictures and had the time of my life. I became so busy that I had almost completely forgotten to jot down ideas. Once, I did, I couldn't stop! The traquility of the water, the trees, and the scenery was priceless. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Soon I was so at ease with my surroundings, that when it came time to leave, I realized that I couldn't wait to get back. If I get the chance, I would love to get our family our own lakehouse ...... for fun, and my own personal writing retreat.

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