Friday, September 20, 2013

Come On, I Promise This Part Won't Hurt!

Okay, so here we are. My 1st Friday, starting anew!

I've decided to do this the same way I do my personal writing- journals. It's very effective, keeps me on my toes, too. The only difference is, I try to journal daily. With this blog, I'm shooting for Monday, and Friday.

So, today, I thought I'd start out by asking: WHEN DID I KNOW THAT I WANTED TO WRITE PROFESSIONALLY?

Major question.

Our youngest child was starting kindergarten, and what that meant to me was - Alone Time. But seriously, that's as far as I got, besides sleeping in later.

So the hubby, noticed that I had started writing lately, and asked the question, that changed my life forever. "Have you ever thought about trying to get your stories published?"

Now I knew how much I loved the written word, but it honestly never dawned on me to take it to the next level. So I started thinking - well why not? What can it hurt?

Next, I grabbed an unused notebook and a nice pen and started editing what I had already written. Little did I know that my horse was before my carriage. I had to back track and make a trip to Barnes & Noble and purchase my very first writing reference.

On Monday, come back to see which one I choose and what I got out of it!



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